THIN Chandelier in Modern Living Room by Aida Interiors

THIN Chandelier, Modern Living Room

This modern living room embraces a perfect blend of neutral colors and exciting patterns and textures. Whites, grays, and blacks overflow from the dining room into the living room and carry throughout the entire residential space by Aida Interiors. As natural light pours in from the deck, a feeling of tranquility overwhelms the space. A pitched ceiling adds depth and an airy layout to the room.

Juniper’s THIN Chandelier in Black Oxide finish adorns the high ceiling in this modern living room. Complementing the variety of patterns within each piece of furniture, the THIN Chandelier remains simple, refined, and sleek as to not distract from unique furniture pieces. Moldable to any shape, the chandelier has a high-lumen output that floods the room with light upon request. The fixture can be installed on a dimmer for controllable brightness and changeable moods. Its warm light takes what could be a cold and sterile-feeling space, to an inviting and cozy home.

Learn more about our THIN Chandelier and our selection of luxurious metal finishes that are offered.

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