Gensler Expands Atlantic Modern Office with THIN Primaries

In efforts to expand a workplace that inspires creativity, Gensler redesigned their Atlanta modern office in September. They embraced the idea of exploration, discovery and innovation, with the gesture to provide a better workplace for their creative staff.

The new design features pin-ups and displays for mock-ups, writeable and magnetic wall coverings to encourage a critique space, and movable screens for fluidity and support virtual reality explorations. Bright-colored accents combined with Juniper’s suspended THIN Primaries drive youth and life into the offices. The dimmable LED triangle-shaped lights adorn the ceiling to bring high-end design to an unexpected place. Grounded by textures like wood grain and soft fabric couches, the space offers a fresh take on how we think about the modern workplace. Utilizing geometric shapes, mixing bright and neutral colors, and incorporating open brainstorming and critiquing areas provide a breath of fresh air.

Gensler Atlanta Modern Office Lighting

Photography by Nigel Marson Photography

Gensler Atlanta Modern Office

With more of an open concept and the expansion of collaborative spaces, Gensler has found that more clients have asked to visit the office and are even more excited to co-create in an innovative and updated location.

Creating a comfortable and free-flowing work culture has become a welcomed movement among modern offices, as it directly correlates to overall staff happiness and productivity. Gensler has discovered first-hand that rethinking their workplace has impacted social behaviors, strengthened employee trust, and empowered company culture.

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