Contract Magazine Features the Metropolis Wall-to-Wall

Contract magazine, a reliable source for all interior designers and architectures tackling products and projects, highlighted designers to name their top picks. Greg Markel, Creative Director of ICRAVE, listed his favorite products that included the Metropolis Wall-to-Wall.

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“We always say lighting is our most important material—if a space isn’t lit well, it doesn’t matter what it is made of. Juniper makes great lighting, such as the Metropolis Wall-to-Wall product.”


Using high-output LED lamping, the Metropolis Wall-to-Wall is an impressive lighting solution designed by Huntsman Architectural Group’s Lead Designer, David Meckley, for Juniper. This system was primarily devised to illuminate Argonaut’s large music-venue-turned-office in San Francisco. It features cylindrical light modules that balance on a central matte black beam. This orientation mounts to parallel walls, but our team also innovated a ceiling-mounted option for spaces that do not have parallel walls. Because the Metropolis Wall-to-Wall attracted success, Juniper broadened it into a collection of suspended and wall-mounted fixtures, resulting into the Metropolis Suspension and the Metropolis Wall Sconce.

Metropolis Wall to Wall

The Metropolis Wall-To-Wall in Argonaut’s Office

A remarkable feature of the Metropolis Wall-to-Wall orientation is its divided hemispheres that allow users to freely dim the top for indirect lighting and the bottom for more concentrated direct lighting. It demonstrates its powerful and dimmable output of up to 4,000LM, which makes it a fitting lighting solution for productive and open spaces such as an office, coworking space, conference room, hallway, and lounge. To balance and soften the illumination, we provided the option of a black hexagonal mesh diffuser which you can request upon purchase by calling our sales team directly.

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