Moxy Hotel Times Square Mounted With The Wally Room Indicators

Moxy by Marriott International is a chic boutique hotel in the hustle and bustle of Times Square in New York City. It is the place to be, should you want to experience a luxury stay at an affordable price. They offer alluring rooms with The Wally as a modern wall-mounted room indicator.

Side Profile Black The Wally Moxy NYC

The Wally in Matte Black

Orange The Wally Juniper Lighting Moxy Hotel
Orange The Wally Room Indicator Moxy Times Square

The Wally Room Indicator in Vibrant Orange

What sets Moxy Hotel apart from other hotels flocking the city is its playful nature that doubles as an attraction to tourists and even locals. A popular spot within the hotel is the Magic Hour Rooftop Bar & Lounge, an amusement-themed cocktail bar designed by Rockwell Group and conceptualized by TAO GroupWe teamed up with Yabu Pushelburg to innovate hallway sign lighting that merges the functions of ambient lighting and room indicator. We also created The Wally to serve as a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign, which guests can operate by pressing the button in the comfort of their room. It changes the color to indicate that they want privacy.

Moxy Hotel Neon Signage
New York City Skyline Moxy View

We customized The Wally for Moxy Times Square, which stays true to the hotel’s aesthetics. Like Moxy, The Wally is distinguished by its energetic and fun characteristics. This versatile and rotatable room indicator was inspired by Juniper’s premier product designed by David Irwin, the portable M Lamp. The Wally was innovated to become an illuminated lamp head, inspired by the 19th-century miner’s lamp and fully revamped into a contemporary wall light. It can also be customized as a sign or an interactive light with the use of custom vinyl decals and a switch plate.



Juniper is a leading brand in the lighting industry that sets the standards in manufacturing outstanding fixtures. We offer high-quality modern designs to elevate residential, hospitality, and commercial spaces. To order a custom Wally, contact our sales team directly for options and recommendations.

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