Juniper’s First Outdoor Fixture: The Rail

In past years, Juniper has been continuously introducing a multitude of lighting designs for residential, hospitality, and commercial indoor spaces. To expand our scope for lighting solutions, our team intricately designed and manufactured the Rail. Learn more about Juniper’s first outdoor lighting system and its features below.

Juniper Lighting Rail Outdoor Lighting System Installation in a Luxury Home Outdoor Pool


A huge inspiration of the Rail is our THIN Modular Lighting System. We wanted to carry over its minimal design so we borrowed some of its physical attributes. Our Product Development team tweaked it to give the Rail its own character. To enable a water-resistant system, the Rail is machined with an aluminum body that holds a silicone-sealed illuminated LED.



Minimalism is displayed through The Rail’s 1/2-inch diameter segment. It features a slender square body that can be rotated 320° on-site. Users have the freedom to interconnect infinite segments with the help of magnetic joints.


Dimensions and Finishes

The Rail is available in three lengths (36 in., 48 in., & 60 in.), standoff heights (3 in., 7 in., & 12 in.), and luxurious finishes (Satin Aluminum, Black, and Bronze). Mount the outdoor fixture to cast light on retail storefronts, verandas, pathways, signage, or other modern spaces.


60 in. Rail in Bronze


Two Connected Segments of the Rail in Satin Aluminum

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