FAQ: Is the THIN Suspension Bright Enough for my Space?

Having a slim linear profile, the THIN Suspension is often questioned for its capacity to illuminate a room. We’re here to tell you more about our THIN Suspension and what you should look for in fixtures to execute your lighting plans for any space.


About the THIN Suspension

The THIN Suspension is a slender lighting solution with a 1/2-inch LED segment that embodies a minimal profile. It comes from our large collection of modular linear fixtures, the THIN Lighting System, designed by Peter Bristol. This architectural lighting can interconnect its segments for extensive runs. It is further elevated by its rotatable segment that users can individually rotate a full 360°.

Juniper Lighting Slim THIN Suspension Linear LED

THIN Suspension in Black Oxide

Brightness of the THIN Suspension

Determining the brightness of your fixture is measured by its lumens. The THIN Suspension exudes a dimmable output of up to 920LM. For an ultra-slim profile, this lumen count illuminates high-output lighting. However, the brightness needed in a room still varies. It has to be precisely calculated and you can do this by figuring out the square footage of your space. Multiply this by its recommend foot-candle to be guided accordingly. Refer to our chart.




Room Size







220 SQ FT 10-20 2,200LM


135 SQ FT 70-80



200 SQ FT 30-40 6,000LM

Dining Room

150 SQ FT 30-40


Living Room 250 SQ FT 10-20


Foot-candles for home spaces

Recommended LED Lighting Solution

While the THIN Suspension casts magnificent output on its own, we still recommend that you carefully design your lighting plan in layers. Combine various fixtures in one room with a cohesive design to create a comfortable space. We also highly suggest that you interconnect THIN Suspensions to multiply its lumens for brighter illumination. However, if you would like to multiply LED segments without increasing the fixture’s length, THIN Multiples Dyad, Triad, and Tetrad fixtures provide higher lumen output. Juniper offers a range of high-quality lighting products that can adorn all residential, commercial, and hospitality spaces. Book an appointment to view our handmade fixtures in our New York showroom by contacting our sales team.

Juniper Lighting Magnetically Connected Segments of THIN Suspension in Patisserie Fouet New York City

Seven Connected Segments of the THIN Suspension in Satin Brass

Minimal Overhead Double Vanity Overhead Mirror

Two Interconnected THIN Suspensions in Satin Nickel

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