LAX Virgin Atlantic Lounge Lined With Custom Copper Dome Pendants

Virgin Atlantic lounge in LAX Terminal 2 soothes their guests from the busy airport scene in their relaxing 4,000-square-foot space. It reimagines California’s laidback lifestyle through its curved structure. The space is balanced by vibrant colors and merged with warm illumination. Discover more about their space and our custom lighting design that adorns the airport lounge.

LAX Terminal Virgin Airlines Premium Lounge

Custom Copper Drum Pendant by Juniper


Virgin Atlantic’s lavish clubhouse was designed by Slade Architecture. Their design team established elements within the space that reminisce Los Angeles’ distinct nature—serene, scenic, and streaming with a hospitable personality. Starting from the reception area, it is slightly standing behind two walls to affirm a peaceful and comfortable space upon entering. Walking inside leads to a widespread waiting area, further subdivided into rooms for extra privacy.


Photography by Slade Architecture


The Virgin Atlantic lounge itself is clustered with custom seating by Walter Knoll in an array of primary colors and bright-toned hues. To keep up with the custom ethos, we manufactured custom fixtures for the space. The custom copper dome pendants that suspend by the window resonate to the waiting area’s copper flow wall. It hangs from a single cable enclosed in a canopy in a matching metal finish for a cohesive appearance.


A winding copper flow wall illustrates the West Coast’s golden hour. The curve surfs diagonally from one end of the wall and stops at the in-house bar, which emulates the flow wall with its warmly-lit illumination. An elongated surfboard-inspired table, still by Walter Knoll, sits by the wide windows for guests to enjoy the mesmerizing aircraft landscape.


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