75 Rockefeller Plaza’s Renovation Adorned with Juniper Lighting Design

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THIN Primaries Squares in Satin Nickel

New York City is known for architectural landmarks such as the iconic Rockefeller Center, a large complex with a rich history from the 1930’s. It has an extension of office and retail spaces built in the 1940’s, known as 75 Rockefeller Plaza that covers 623,000 square feet. Some prominent brands renting in the building are Bank of America and American Girl. After being sold a 99-year lease in 2013, RXR Realty had the skyscraper interiors remodeled in 2017. Discover Juniper‘s geometric lighting design that embellished all floors of 75 Rockefeller Plaza.


TPG Architecture, an award-winning design firm, headed the building’s renovation. With 33 floors to completely revamp, the lighting design team of 75 Rockefeller Plaza turned to a lighting manufacturer that promises luxurious fixtures and delivers outstanding results both in form and function. The THIN Primaries Square is a perfect lighting design for its symmetrical segments which accentuate the building’s professional setting.


About the THIN Primaries Square

The THIN Primaries Square belongs to a large collection of geometric fixtures, designed by Peter Bristol for Juniper. It boasts 1/2-inch diameter lighting segments that radiate a minimal yet fun silhouette. With magnetic snap-on connectors, the THIN Primaries Square has the ability to be interconnected to create longer runs.


Available in two lengths (24 in. & 36 in.) and three finishes (Satin Brass, Satin Nickel, and Black Oxide), the geometric fixture can also be wall-mounted using standoffs. Users can also customize the THIN Primaries Square’s color temperature and lens finish to suit their interior space.

More Geometric Lighting Designs

Juniper is a lighting manufacturer in New York that assembles handmade fixtures to embellish residential, commercial, and hospitality spaces. The THIN Primaries Collection is one of our most sought-after lighting designs in office spaces, as seen in FreeIt Data Solutions and Gensler, for their sophisticated profile. It is available in various shapes (triangle, square, rectangle, rhombus, hexagon, and octagon). Reach out to our helpful sales team for more lighting recommendations.

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