3 Suspended Lighting Designs for Minimalists

Gravitating toward simple design establishes a comfortable space. Not only do minimal designs take away visual clutter, but they also provide a refined aesthetic. This applies to decor, furniture, and lighting. We picked our top 3 suspended lighting designs to help you fulfill a space curated especially for minimalists.


1. Linear Vertical Pendant

The THIN Vertical Suspension embodies the most reductive form—a single line. This design elegantly exudes a linear silhouette without the distraction of protruding elements. Displaying a 1/2-inch diameter segment, the brass fixture is supported by a slender cable. Install 1, 3, 4, or 6 segments (custom options available upon request) and allow its luxurious finish to convey a sophisticated installation.


THIN Vertical Suspension in Satin Nickel


THIN Vertical Suspension in Black Oxide with 6 Segments

2. Modern Geometric Lighting

Being a minimalist is synonymous to being clutter-free. Trim your tabletop footprint by opting for a suspended fixture that holds a simple form. We recommend opting for geometric shapes with symmetrical clean lines, like the THIN Primaries Triangle. The THIN Primaries Collection utilizes our signature magnetically connected light segments that can be customized into any shape and size.

THIN Primaries Collection, Suspended Triangle in Brass Finish

THIN Primaries Triangle in Satin Brass

Triangular Linear LED Light Fixture Juniper

THIN Primaries Triangle in Satin Nickel

3. Ultra-slim Vertical Light Prism

Suspended lighting designs with straight lines narrate a minimalist’s space and emphasize clean interior. With the THIN Multiples Vertical Suspension, it radiates a minimal silhouette from its three or four linear light segments that can be rotated 360°. It appears sleek with its tasteful orientation that suspend from a single aircraft cable.

More Suspended Lighting Solutions for Minimalists

Juniper assembles modern and minimal fixtures by hand in our lighting design studio. We offer various LED solutions for different applications like wall-mounted, wall-to-wall, free-standing, and suspended lighting. Reach out to our sales team for questions or for more suspended lighting options to adorn your residential, commercial, or hospitality space.

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