FAQ: What is Color-Rendering Index (CRI) and Why is it Important?

When browsing light fixtures for residential, hospitality, or commercial spaces, considering excellent light quality is a must. You can determine this by choosing a fixture with a high Color-Rendering Index. We recommend between 90 to 100 for best results.


Color-Rendering Index Definition

Color-Rendering Index, commonly called CRI, measures the accuracy of a color’s appearance when displayed under a light source. The higher the CRI, the more accurately it translates a color.


Why the Right CRI Matters

Besides installing lighting to illuminate dull spaces, it is also utilized for colors to pop and to help users distinguish hues. There are various applications that will require light fixtures to have impeccably high CRI to retain colors’ fidelity, especially in retail displays, restaurants, and art galleries. Light fixtures with a low CRI can warp colors, make food appear unappetizing, and change an artwork’s palette.

Recommended CRI

80 CRI can be suitable for many applications, but we would recommend choosing at least 90 CRI, the standard rating for all of our light fixtures, to achieve the best color display. Juniper also offers a 95 CRI option for those as passionate as we are about lighting. Contact our sales team for more questions.


0-55 CRI


We don’t recommend using lighting with this low of a CRI rating.

60-85 CRI


Most LED lighting falls in this range. It’s good, but could be better.

90-100 CRI


Juniper fixtures have a standard 90 CRI rating for excellent color accuracy and quality.

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