Axis X Vertical Suspension in LD+A Magazine

LD+A Magazine is known for keeping up with the latest developments in the lighting, design, and architecture world. The publication features projects, themes, and scientific backings of the design industry to provide reliable and trade-friendly highlights. In its latest issue, LD+A showcases designs new to the market to highlight their fresh and unique aesthetics.

The Axis X Vertical Suspension makes an appearance in LD+A’s Marketplace section of their March 2019 issue. The section covers new lighting items on the market, including table lamps, sconces, and pendants.

Expanding upon the original three silhouettes in the collection, the Axis X Vertical Suspension brings a new orientation to the Axis series. In keeping with the parent collection, the Axis X Vertical Suspension, blends modesty with luxury to create dynamic lighting silhouettes. The Axis X Vertical Suspension is composed of four angle extrusions that, when combined, form a symmetrical cross with four channels of light.

The linear solid bronze or wood body is suspended from a single mounting point, creating a long and elegant fixture. The four sources of light within the fixtures can illuminate an entire space, while low dimming capabilities can simplify the fixture to a magnificent light sculpture.

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