Flat Iron Loft Features Modern Kitchen Island Lighting

Suk Design Group and Staci Ruiz have teamed up as an Interior Designer/Lighting Consultant duo to bring this New York Flat Iron Loft to life. The team brought Juniper in for their modern kitchen island lighting design to become a stunning focal point for the space among other contemporary design elements.

Photography by Jeffrey Kilmer

The loft’s design incorporates dark wood tones with contrasting white elements like walls, marble countertops, cabinetry, and ceramic tiling. These elements thread throughout the entire space, from the open layout living room/kitchen to the bedroom and bathroom. Pops of saturated blue, yellow, red, and purple accents bring life and youth to the space, offering a cheerful and modern aesthetic. Brass material is also used as a common accent between spaces to complement furniture pieces with a taste of luster.

The modern kitchen island lighting showcases Juniper’s THIN Multiples Triad with 2 connected sections in Solid Brass finish. The fixture offers a trio of rotatable LED light segments, at an extended length, that can function as both direct and indirect lighting simply by rotating the segments up toward the ceiling and down to the countertop. The THIN System, designed by Peter Bristol for Juniper, utilizes solid brass tubing and hardware throughout the fixture’s body, providing warmth and luxurious quality while still remaining subdued as a refined accent piece.

Suk Design Group and Staci Ruiz’s team ultimately created the perfect balance of modern design and comfort. The residential loft is clearly centered around open space, high-end materials, and clean silhouettes. With modern kitchen island lighting as one of the central pieces for the home, Juniper is proud to participate with this team of designers who contribute refined aesthetics to the design industry.

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