DesignBoom Outlines Claus Porto Project in New York City

DesignBoom is a leading design new authority to bring the design industry the latest news, trends, and upcoming faces. Recently, they featured Claus Porto, a retail store in the heart of New York City that was designed by Tackleblox Architecture.


The Portuguese-grounded retail interior focuses on beauty and fragrance displayed in a central archway of niches and vignettes. As the first international storefront for the 131-year old brand, Claus Porto New York reflects the design themes and motifs of its base culture under the direction of Jeremy Barbour with Tacklebox.


The 42-foot archway greets customers as they enter into an immersive experience. 1,500 tiles of milled Portuguese cork are faceted to mimic Lisbon’s historic Casa Dos Bicos. Juniper’s THIN Multiples Dyad lines the entire archway to act as a central focus, guiding customers through the space. The Dyad has about 10 connected sections, creating two long profiles of light with a 1/2-inch profile. The solids brass material of the THIN System pops against the archway’s neutral white tone, offering warmth and a touch of luxury to the dynamic design of the space.

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