About Us

Architectural Lighting in Brooklyn, NY


Juniper Lighting M Lamp Placed in a Wood Bookcase

In 2011, a small team with a big passion for design embarked upon a mission to bring a fresh perspective on lighting technology to an industry poised for change. Before long, Juniper would become one of the early pioneers of the burgeoning Brooklyn contemporary lighting scene.

Today, Juniper is a fully-integrated design and manufacturing studio. Honesty, passion, and craftsmanship are fundamental in our quest to bring upscale architectural lighting to homes, offices, and hospitality spaces worldwide.


Juniper Lighting THIN Surface Mounts Installed In Bathroom

Our business was formed around the idea that good design is essential and has the power to transform people and places in meaningful ways. We do this by integrating design with technology to create innovative lighting solutions for unique spaces. For us, that means reducing our products to their truest and simplest form.

It means innovating not for the sake of it, but to solve problems in a way that improves our lives while reducing demands on our environment. It means using natural materials and finishes that reflect the true origin and intent of our products.

We believe that honesty in design can be found in the details, so we obsess over them, sometimes irrationally, as we seek to solve problems even our users don’t know exist. In the end, we fall in love with our products. We’re proud to make them, proud to produce them, and proud to be shown with them.


Juniper Modern Light Fixtures

Amazement occurs when one witnesses the unusual. With this in mind, each of our collaborations begin with the intent and the challenge to produce something outside of the norm. Sometimes innovation is in the details, and sometimes it is at the very core of the product.

Our collection is made up of thoughtfully designed and meticulously engineered lighting solutions, while our design philosophy is centralized around reduction, user experience, and technological advancement.

We are proud to be the recipients of numerous design awards. Our products have been featured in a collection of design anthologies and publications across the globe.