David Irwin

“When designing the M Lamp, I wanted to create a contemporary piece with minimal form which still had emotional resonance and reference to the past. I drew a lot of inspiration from archetypal forms of lighting throughout history, in particular – lanterns and portable light sources. Ones which could illuminate a dark corner of a room, aid us in a power outage, help with carrying logs in from outside or simply to act as an ambient light source.”

Designer David Irwin

Born in N. Ireland, David Irwin‘s focus as a designer is material exploration and assigning purpose to both traditional and contemporary manufacturing processes. The goal with all of Irwin’s work is to combine a strong concept with fundamental usefulness.

David Irwin is the designer of our M Lamp, a portable, rechargeable light source that you can take with you through your journey. Now in our second generation, the M Lamp features a fully-rotatable lamp head, dimmable on/off button, and a more durable body.

Continuing his inspiration from 20th-century vintage miner headlamps, Irwin collaborated with Juniper to create the Wally modern wall sconce. The Wally is a nod to the M Lamp possessing a similar aesthetic and fully rotatable head.

The Wally, Wall Sconce with Breastfeeding Decal in Orange Finish

Standard high-contrast decals expand the versatility of this fixture and can take its function from an energetic light signal to a playful do-not-disturb sign, complete with an on/off button!