David Meckley

Designer David Meckley

Utilizing his passion for innovation, David Meckley works with Hunstman Architectural Group to take a client’s vision and bring it to life. David is a certified interior designer and LEED accredited professional and has served as IIDA Northern California president and advisor to IIDA’s International Board of Directors.

Metropolis High-Output Lighting Over Wood Study Table

Meckley’s focus is balancing spatial organization and functionality. He views the designer’s role at Huntsman as universally transformative. That’s why when Huntsman had a need to create custom lighting for a modern office space, Meckley collaborated with us. What came out of that collaboration? The Metropolis.

Juniper's Metropolis for Modern Suspended Office Lighting

Especially complementary to larger spaces, the unique system is engineered as a single suspended array or can be linked together in a comprehensive suspended wall-to-wall system, which is the orientation Meckley chose for his custom office space.

Metropolis Collection, Suspended Lighting in Aged Brass with Mesh Overlay

Illuminate the top hemisphere, bottom hemisphere, or both to adjust direct and indirect light output. Its fully dimmable LED capabilities bring versatility and customizability to this fixture and your residential, commercial, or hospitality space.

Metropolis System with Independent Hemispheres For Direct and Indirect Light Sources