Pascale Girardin

“A work of art is successful when an organic relationship is established between fine craftsmanship and the materials’ intrinsic qualities. My inquisitive nature drives me to explore new materials or develop unconventional ways of working with clay and glazes, materials that I am most familiar with in my studio. I try and create conditions where the unexpected can emerge.”

Designer Pascale Girardin

Pascale Girardin creates high-end dishware and architectural design pieces for the luxury hospitality industry across the globe. With numerous awards and distinctions for her work as a visual artist and designer, including the Pierre-Pagé prize and repeated recognition from the Canada Arts Council, her collaboration with Juniper was a natural one.

Love Me Not Flower Pendant

Designer of the Love Me Not pendant light, Pascale Girardin created a soft and weightless light source that we adore. The Love Me Not draws from childhood memories of picking petals off of daisies.

The Love Me Not Pendant Light, In-Process

The pendant’s organic shape is crafted from five layers of hand-formed, porcelain-finish acrylic in our design studio, so no two fixtures are identical. Suspended individually or in a cluster, Love Me Not (À La Folie) delivers a whimsical display of art and light.

The Love Me Not by Juniper In Progress

The porcelain-finish acrylic, developed by famed German manufacturer Evonik, offers the lasting quality of the fine ceramic material while providing the optical performance required for functional pendant lighting.

Love Me Not Floral Pendant