Local Ceiling Canopy


The local ceiling canopy is a flat metal cover plate with an adjustable collar that can be used to house a single power supply for most locally powered installations. The adjustable canopy can accommodate up to eight aircraft cables to center-mount fixtures to the canopy. For help determining how many mounting points your canopy needs, please refer to the Specs section below, or contact us for guidance.

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Fixtures directly mounted to the ceiling have 1 mounting point on its canopy. Center-mounted fixtures include all aircraft cables on the canopy.



The canopy’s mesh collar draws heat away from the power supply, adding significant longevity to this component. Its detached collar also allows the brass plate and the fixture beneath it to rotate in place for added adjustability during installation. Our local ceiling canopy is compatible with most standard size suspended Juniper fixtures, such as the THIN, Axis, Metropolis Collections. Although this product can be included with locally powered compatible products upon purchasing, we provide the option to purchase this canopy separately as an extra or replacement part. With the ability to house power supplies up to 60W, the local canopy is available in our signature brass finishes and custom mounting option of your choice.


Local Canopy Dimensions
Local Remote Canopy Mounting Number of Holes Required
Local Remote Canopy for THIN Primaries Geometric Shaped Fixtures Direct-Mount to Ceiling and Center-Mount to Canopy