Lutron Dimmers

$40 $55

Adjust and dim your fixture with Lutron dimmers, available in 0-10V and 2-Wire dimming options to pair with Juniper's standard and Lutron power supplies. We recommend consulting a licensed electrician or our sales team prior to ordering. Item does not include wall cover plate.

2-4 Week Lead Time*
*Lead time subject to change based on order and stock quantities.

2-Wire/TRIAC/Forward Phase dimming is usually hooked up to a wall dimmer or switch and standard in residential or basic electric situations when the fixture is powered by a light switch.
0-10V dimming is compatible with many wireless dimming systems, Lutron, and Leviton systems. This can be used to connect numerous fixtures together ideal for commercial or hospitality settings.
3-Wire is a Lutron-specific capability used for Lutron Ecosystem setups and is compatible with the Caseta wireless dimming system.
Please see our Power Supply Guide for dimming compatibility and power supply specs.



Installing your fixture on Lutron dimmers provide multiple benefits. It increases the lifespan of LED’s, saves energy, and enables adjustable lighting for your space and mood. These Lutron 0-10V and 2-Wire/TRIAC/Forward Phase Dimmers are compatible with a wide array of our designs. Pair with our standard or Lutron power supplies to properly add dimming capabilities to your fixture. Contact a trusted licensed electrician and/or our sales team for power supply or dimmer questions.