THIN Shared Task Lamp

The THIN Shared Task Lamp draws inspiration from old library lamps that cast a personal light while working or studying. When placed in the center of larger tables, the warm light casts onto shared surfaces.

THIN Shared Task Lamp

$700 $1,800

The THIN Shared Task Lamp offers interconnecting LED segments that rotate to reposition light. Inset into furniture for a reduced footprint, The THIN Shared Task is compatible with our Ground Control power accessories for a convenient control installed directly into a workspace. *Brass Unifying Plate not included.

12-14 Week Typical Lead Time*
*Lead time subject to change based on order and stock quantities.

Contact us for finish samples or custom options.

The nominal length of a light tube from center to center. Contact us if you need custom dimensions.

Light segments magnetically join together through connecting hardware to create longer and potentially infinite lengths. For longer lengths or custom dimensions, please contact us.

We recommend clear for focused task lighting in areas such as desks, workspaces, and task areas. Frosted lens are recommended for diffused lighting situations like vanity, picture, under-cabinet lighting, and over glossy surfaces to reduce glare.

Lower values are more amber for intimate spaces that want to envoke comfort, like dining spaces, residential areas, and hospitality lobbies. Higher values are more blue for task lighting areas that want to promote functionality like offices, kitchens, bathrooms, and more sterile health environments.

This is the desk-inset power option to turn your fixture on and off.

THIN Shared Task Lamp Dimensions