THIN Task Lamp with Desk Inset

The precision-engineered THIN Task Lamp features a desk-inset to integrate into modern workspaces. As it mounts to desks or furniture pieces, the lamp becomes stationary and strikingly minimal, reducing itself into a single line.

THIN Task Lamp with Desk Inset

$475 $550

The THIN Task Lamp has the ability to extend, contract, and dim to create a custom lighting experience. With the use of a clear lens, the task lamp’s beam is concentrated for functionality. Stunning details like a ball joint at its base and a fully articulating hinge for the ability to extend the lamp’s body. The dimmer knob at the end of the fixture allows for full brightness and dimming adjustments.

12-14 Week Typical Lead Time*
*Lead time subject to change based on order and stock quantities.

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This is the nominal size of the fixture. This is generally the total length, or longest dimension, in inches.

Juniper Lighting Desk-Inset THIN Task Lamp Drawing